The March Towards America's 2nd Civil War

How likely is it for this map to show where your allegiance would lie in a 2nd American Civil War?


The March Towards America’s 2nd Civil War

I wish this title was just “click bait”, but I fear we really are on an irrevocable path. I can feel it to the very core of my being. This nation is spiraling out of control and is on a path towards America’s 2nd Civil War. It won’t be North vs. South, it is a battle is for the very soul of our nation and we are in the midst of a cold war. This can only persist in this state for so long. This battle will turn hot once triggered by some future event. Will we keep the principles that our nation was founded on? Or, will we become just another in a long line of failed great experiments in government, falling to the ash heap of history?  Both sides, the “Left” and the “Right” have a certain cognitive dissonance as this current state we are experiencing. They can’t seem to grasp that we are rotting from the inside out. The leadership of both parties is isolated from mainstream America and cannot see past the confines of the DC Beltway. The establishment from both parties sow the seeds of discontent every day through the mainstream news media outlets. To them, the toxic rhetoric they spew is nothing more than high political theater. As soon as they are done slinging mud at one another, they unclip their mics, pull-out their earpieces and meetup in the green-room before heading out to whatever nightly “who’s who” event is planned in the DC area. It don’t think it has dawned on them that the fruits if their labor has created one of the deepest divides in this nations history. At the very least it is the biggest since the 1860’s. We are so deeply divided at this point, outside of the onset of a Third World War (also becoming more likely), I do not see any other way for this to end. The loss of American blood and treasure will be immeasurable. 

These divisions aren’t just between party, each of the major party’s are also fractured within, thus opening the door to the more radical elements in each to gab power. As an individual, your perception of America, past, present and future will define which side of the greater dived between the parties that you fall on. Hearkening back to stories of the Civil war, the idea of brother against brother used to seem so remote. It used to be really hard for me to wrap my mind around.  Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Over the past 10 years the decline in civility seen in the media and on Capitol Hill has spread and now impacts all of us to some extent or another. The divide is now ubiquitous. We see it in the PC cultures adopted by our places of employment and the thought police that have been installed at our schools and universities. We see this strain of militant progressive thought innervating our cities, our neighborhoods and even our families. Many of us have been personally affected by this. Brother against brother no longer feels so remote because many of us are already experiencing this divide at home. My relationship with my mother and sister has suffered tremendously from this divided world we live in.  I don’t know how I ended up with such a distinctly different perspective of the world and Americas place in it? Politics wasn’t something we ever discussed on a regular basis as I grew up. If it was, I had little interest. Maybe that explains why I am so vastly different from them ideologically. Because our world view is inextricably linked to who we are, it’s impossible to avoid conflict in even the most mundane conversations.  It has become impossible to have any conversation with either of them without it turning political. It’s a sad state when government has grown so large that it affects every aspect of our lives. You begin to avoid conversations with your loved ones because you don’t want to begin holding them in contempt. At the broader level, as a nation, we have reached a point where I fear it may be impossible for these two vastly different world views can remain united. As Abraham Lincoln believed to be self-evident, as a people, as a nation, “united we shall stand”, “divided we will fall”. We are clearly not a united nation anymore.

We are divided on so many issues that I believe our differences to be irreconcilable. Americans typically fall into two primary camps, with sub-divisions within each. However, I believe the primary factor for determining which you belong to is based upon your belief in these primary areas. America should be a nation focused on protecting and defending “individual liberty” or, you believe America should be focused on “Collectivism”. You either believe the Federal Government’s powers should be “few and defined” as it is stated by the Constitution, or, you believe the governments powers should be “vast and unlimited”. A good test for yourself is to ask yourself where you come down on these issues: Education, Life, Marriage, Religion, Climate, Science, 2nd Amendment, Healthcare, Foreign Policy, Free Speech 

America has a serious identity crisis.  We are either going to pull power back from the Federal Government and return that power to the state’s local governments and to the people, or we are going to fully embrace socialism in America. These two philosophies cannot coexist. They are diametrically opposed to one another, but for war to break out, there needs to be an event that triggers it. The powder keg needs a spark. We were all taught in school that the war for independence was started over a lack of representation in parliament. Remember, “no taxation without representation”? This is a tremendous over-simplification. This was just another of a great many number of symptoms. Even still, it’s doubtful war would have erupted from this. What was the spark? Ask anyone you know what was the spark that started the American Revolution and it’s doubtful you get the right answer. The fact is, the spark was when the British Soldiers began confiscating firearms and ammunition (powder, musket and ball). Many don’t realize that the hot war began with the battle of Lexington and Concorde over a year before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. What event today could spark this cold civil war we are having into a hot war? I have my own theories and I’ll briefly touch on them below, but make no mistake, there have already been flare ups. A few examples of what is to come are visible in the shooting of Republican Congressmen during their baseball practice. Another is the Dallas Police Shooting during the BLM Protest. The Bundy Ranch incident is another. The jury is still out on the Vegas shooting, but I have my own suspicions and leave it at that. 

Could One Of These Scenarios Spark The Next Civil War?

  1. Bob Mueller succeeds in forcing Trump from office: This would be perceived by the Trump voter as nothing more than a coup. At this point the preponderance of the current evidence points towards and abuse of power by an outgoing admin. Coordinated with a corrupt FBI than it does that Trump colluded with the Russians.
  2. The Deep State: Alluded to in #1, If they fail to get Trump removed from office, they will not go quietly. Remember the agencies these people have led and the connections they have in places of power. This scenario may be a much more limited battle, unless the military gets involved.
  3. Secession Movements: California and other Progressive states are threatening to secede after years of ridiculing states like Texas that have had secessionist movements. This has the greatest likelihood for a peaceful shift, but is also the least likely to happen.  I don’t care who is in power, the Federal Government will not be willing to give up tax bases like CA and TX. The Fed. Gov’t would collapse. So, to the power elite, war would be the more preferable of the two options.
  4. Economic Collapse: Several states that have over-burdened themselves with social programs are nearing bankruptcy. When this happens they will expect the taxpayers to bail them out. I don’t think the governors from states who have been responsible with their state budgets taking this sitting down. With states seceding due to economic conditions would also be a reasonable enough situation for the Federal Government to reign these states back in, or at least attempt to.

    I hope that I am wrong, but I can’t see how we can reunite as a people. The only way I see that happening is if there is a galvanizing incident. Unfortunately, only something equally horrible and equally devastating to a Civil War has the potential to bring us back together. However, as we saw after 9/11, unless we are attacked by an aggressor nation killing thousands of Americans, any effect will be short-lived. If the attack was from an aggressor nation, we’d have more immediate problems to deal with. I suppose a Yellowstone Super Eruption or a celestial impact event could bring us together too, but with either of those, would anyone be left to rejoice in our unity? Even today, I still hear people say, ” Something like that would/could never happen in America”? It is the height of näivety. Sure, the immediate probability is low, but the threat is increasing every day. Whatever path our nation takes, you need to be prepared. Start preparing today! Hope for the best, but prep. for the rest! 

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