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First Person Defender Network, PDN Seasons 1 – 5

PDN – First Person Defender Season 1

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PDN – First Person Defender Series Seasons 1 – 5

I’ve recentky removed all inventory from T.F.L.’s store. I’ve chosen to place my focus on the blogging side of the site for the time being. As much as the store does help to fund my efforts, the time required to run the store effectively and contribute quality preparedness material/ideas to the archive. I’m also going to begin posting opinion articles on a broad range of topics both related and unrelated to preparedness. I am planning to bring back the online store. My goal is for Tools for Liberty to launch its own line of products. It was nice being able to offer my customers the over 14,000 products I had been offering. As great as it is for the consumer, it is conversely bad for the business owner for customers to have thousands of other online marketplaces to choose from. This has led to nearly non-existent margins. I appreciate your business and hope you continue to visit the site. Dismiss

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