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X-Type High Performance Muzzle Brake

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The X-Type High Performance Muzzle Brake is designed for maximum recoil reduction. Recoil and muzzle rise are incredibly reduced by up to 64% in initial tests. This 1.00″ diameter and 2.25″package packs all the baffle technology into a reasonable size. The hyper-optimized baffle system is designed around the 7.62 NATO specification. From this optimization, both the 5.56 NATO and magnum cartridges are captured and thus perform as well and in many cases better. Stated differently, optimizing this baffle system around the 7.62 NATO, we simultaneously achieved the same or better performance in smaller and larger cartridges.

This is one of the highest performance swept baffle muzzle brakes available. Our swept baffles direct high velocity gasses 220 degrees from the bore axis compared to normal or straight (180 degree) baffles.

The USA sourced hardened steel will live up to the harshest military propellants. Whether competing with yourself or at SOF, USPSA, 3-Gun events or even if competing with incoming fire, this extreme duty brake will not let you down.

Choose from these threads & bores:

  • 1/2″-28 threads (.224 bore & smaller)
  • 5/8″-24 threads (.308 bore & smaller)

Key Features:

  • High Performance swept baffle design for wide usage not limited to USPSA, 3-Gun, SOF, Operators, CQB (all SR, AR, M4, PDW, Precision Rifle systems)
  • Dimensions: 1.00″ diameter x 2.25″ long
  • Weight: 4.5oz
  • Black mil-spec finish
  • 220 degree swept baffles for maximum brake performance and minimized high velocity gas blow back
  • Vertical gas ports to mitigate muzzle rise (can be clocked to mitigate torque as well)
  • No bottom ports = no dust printing (prone fire)
  • Designed in and Made in USA with USA sourced HARDENED alloy steel!



Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A
Thread Pattern / Caliber

1/2-28 for 0.224 bore or smaller, 5/8-24 for 0.338 bore or smaller


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